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Choosing The Right Holistic Food

WHICH FOOD MAY BE BEST FOR YOUR PET? TYPES OF KIBBLE: All Natural Holistic Diets Contain named meats,quality grains, dairy products, fruits and vegetables and pre and pro biotics. These foods are for pet owners who want to feed a a healthy all around good quality diet. Because of the better quality ingredients, you will […]

Grooming & Pet Care

Taking great care of your pet begins with a high quality and healthy diet. But, diet is just the beginning. Did you know that proper and regular grooming is an important and crucial part of keeping your pet healthy? Your pet’s skin and coat are an organ system just like the heart, lungs and kidneys […]

Mobile Pet Grooming Service

Are you looking for the most convenient and safest way to get your pet groomed? Do you live in Northeast Ohio? If so, we have the solution for you! We invite you to check out Northeast Ohio's premier mobile pet grooming service. We would be happy to help you with this important part of your pet's wellness regimen. Just click on the link to learn more!  Adam The Groomer

High Quality Nutrition

Here at Wiggle Waggle World, We believe that the foundation of good animal health is proper nutrition. We have selected manufacturers that have the same philosphy about nutrition as we do. Each of the manufacturers represented on wigglewaggleworld.com produce all-natural pet foods, including organic foods, supplememts, treats, safe toys and other pet supplies and believe […]

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