In Clover OptaGest - Organic All Natural Prebiotic Digestive Supplement For Dogs And Cats

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Optagest® is a daily digestive supplement for dogs and cats. This gentle, yet effective formula of the prebiotic organic inulin and four plant-based enzymes supports normal digestion that is sometimes upset by food change, travel, stress, separation or the usual aging process. In addition, Optagest is a complete digestive supplement made with high levels of active ingredients and NO inactive ingredients such as fillers, sugars or preservatives that could further upset sensitive systems.

Active ingredients per ¼ tsp. scoop: Prebiotic: Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) (750mg), Enzyme Blend: Acid Stable Protease (16,869 HUT/g), Amylase (2,025 SKB/g), Lipase (1,033 FCCLU/g), Cellulase (203 CU/g).