In Clover Connectin For Dogs - Natural Joint Supplement - Powder

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Connectin® for Dogs Natural Joint Supplement for Dogs. Clinically tested for results you can trust! Have your dogs lost some of their hop, skip and jump? Has their passion for play and exercise diminished? It may be time to give your pet the support of Connectin. Connectin is the only natural joint supplement with a patented herbal delivery system, and ALL THREE vital joint building blocks. This is important since you want only the best for your dog. Connectin is complete and clinically-tested so you can trust it to give your best friend the gift of greater comfort and reap the rewards of more playtime, fun and adventures.The ingredients contain the very building blocks the healthy body normally produces to reduce joint friction and act as shock absorbers when dogs run jump and play. Joint issues can lead to more serious problems like weight gain and skin or coat issues.

Ingredients per scoop: Glucosamine HCl (625mg), Mucopolysaccharides (1,200mg), Yucca Root (1,200mg), Alfalfa (500mg), Devil's Claw (100mg), Nettle Leaf (300mg), Turmeric Root (50mg), Ginger Root (50mg), Black Cohosh (50mg), Celery Seed (50mg), Cayenne Pepper (5mg)