Barkworthies Moose Antler - Medium

  • $11.99

Barkworthies® USA Deer Antlers are a great choice for your aggressive chewer! "Barkworthies Deer Antlers are dense, durable dog chews that will give your dog hours of chew time, beneficial vitamins and minerals as well as cleaner teeth! Our American-sourced, naturally-shed deer antlers are simply collected, washed, cut and packaged.

Barkworthies Deer Antlers are highly durable and will last hours or days for any aggressive chewer. With multiple sizes of all-natural Deer Antlers you'll be able to find the perfect size for your dog.

Barkworthies Deer Antlers contain essential nutrients your dog needs for a healthy, long life such as zinc, calcium, manganese and iron. These American Made dog chews have amazing dental benefits such as removing tartar, plaque and massaging the gums.

Most Barkworthies' all-natural dog treats and chews are completely preservative-free and additive-free. Please note that this product is not for human consumption. Please supervise your pet while giving a treat or chew and dispose of properly if it becomes a choking hazard or develops sharp edges."

"Made in the USA
Essential nutrients like calcium, iron and zinc
Dental benefits (plaque and tartar control)
Preservative-free, additive-free, "