Nutrition Guidelines

There are so many mixed messages about pet food ingredients and nutrition in the market that it can be very confusing to find a truly holistic and natural pet food.

To start your search for the best food combine what you know about animals in the wild and overall nutrition. Also consider what you, yourself would eat. Would you eat something that said “meat patty” and was truly a mystery meat with mystery items in it?

Think about what you like to eat. When you sit down to a meal, the last thing you want is a bowl full of fillers like soybean meal, meat by-products, and artificial preservatives. Well, guess what - your pet doesn’t enjoy those “foods” either. Your dog or cat craves the same ingredients you do - high-quality meats, whole, nutrient-rich grains and fresh fruits and vegetables.

Healthy pet food not only satisfies your pet’s hunger but is tasty, nutritious and all-natural. And more importantly, provides the vitamins and minerals that will help your pet thrive now and in the future.

Each of the manufacturers represented on produce all-natural pet foods, including organic dog food and believe this same philosophy. Each of their brands is prepared using wholesome ingredients that you will feel good about feeding your pet. And because every pet’s dietary needs are different, you need to explore the great brands we sell at to see what best suits your pet's needs.

Ingredients to Avoid In Commercial Pet Foods:
• Avoid generic fats and proteins (e.g. animal fat, poultry fat, meat and bone meal)
• Avoid meat by-products and digest
• Avoid corn, soy and wheat- all of these are allergy prone ingredients.
• Avoid BHT/BHA and ethoxyquin- all of these chemical preservatives have been linked to cancer and other harmful diseases.
• Avoid artificial colors, sugars and sweeteners. (e.g. corn syrup, propyl glycol)

Ingredients To Look For In a Commercial Pet Food:
• Good quality protein source- such as fish, pork ,lamb, chicken and turkey meal. If "meal" is listed in the first few ingredients you can be assured that it is the largest ingredient in the food.
• Whole grains- barley, oatmeal, and rice are good sources of carbohydrates. If possible, try to avoid products that use grain fractions in their ingredient list.
• Fresh Fruits and Vegetables.
• Natural preservatives such as rosemary and vitamins E and C
• Naturally occurring microorganisms (a.k.a friendly bacteria such as acidophilus) yes, our pets need them too!