Choosing The Right Food


Everything about good health for your pet begins and ends with proper nutrition. Gone are the days of your basic dry and canned pet foods that you would buy at your local grocery store. Entrepreneurial pet lovers are filling the marketplace with terrific, healthy alternative foods and treats and sorting out your options can get confusing. Below are definitions of terms used to describe the different types of pet foods currently available.


All Natural Holistic Diets
Contain named meats, quality grains, dairy products, fruits and vegetables and pre and pro biotics.

These foods are for pet owners who want to feed a a healthy all around good quality diet. Because of the better quality ingredients, you will feed less. these foods are often formulated for pets of different ages and sizes.

They help to provide stronger immune systems and reduce shedding.

Limited Ingredient Diets and Single Source Protein Diets:

Limited Ingredient diets typically contain one meat, one or two carbohydrates, and one fat. While single source protein diets may utilize a single source of animal proteins & grains, fruits and vegetables.

These diets are formulated for pets with allergies and digestive sensitivities. Limited ingredient diets are also great for puppies and kittens or rescues that need easing into eating quality kibble. This diet is also good for rescued animals that need easing into eating high quality kibble and for animals with unknown prior diets.

Single source protein diets make feeding a protein rotation diet easy and, are great for pets with no health issues.

These foods work by minimizing the likelihood that you will feed an ingredient that maybe an allergen or a reason for some other intolerance.

Grain Free Diets:

Grain Free Diets contain no grains such as rice, barley, corn, wheat or soy. They are designed to mimic how a dog would eat in the wild with higher levels of protein and lower levels of carbohydrates.

They are terrific diets for all dogs and cats due to their high quality ingredients and high meat content. They are especially good for overweight dogs and cats, and pets that are picky eaters.

These high protein diets can help pets maintain or lose weight and rebuild muscle and bone. Plus your pet will love the richer taste of these diets.

Raw Foods are now far more popular than in the past. There are many reasons for this, but the two most common reasons are the recognition of the health benefits of feeding raw and convenience for the pet owner.

The many health benefits include:
 Shinier coats, healthier skin, and less shedding
 Cleaner teeth, healthier gums, and fresh breath
 Better weight control and stronger muscles
 Improved digestion with naturally occurring enzymes and bacteria
 Reduction of allergy symptoms
 Harder, smaller, less smelly stools
 More energy and stamina and increased mobility in older animals

Remember many experts say feeding some raw just a few times a week is better than feeding no raw. Review the following to determine which raw approach may be best for your customers.
Home Style: Just like homemade dinners using whole food ingredients, the food is freeze dried or dehydrated, just add water to rehydrate (about10 minutes depending on the line).

Brands – Grandma Lucy’s, Honest Kitchen, Sojos

Key Features:
 Whole chunks of veggies, fruits, and meats (complete and balanced)
 Human grade
 Living enzymes, remain alive thus aiding in digestion
 A good bridge to frozen raw
 Available with and without grains and with different proteins

 3 Steps: Scoop, add water, serve (less than 10 minutes)
 10lbs rehydrates to 40lbs to 55lbs (easier than storing a 30 lb bag)

Raw – Freeze Dried: Just like frozen, but freeze dried (nuggets, nibblets, or patties), often have the exact ingredients as frozen raw formulas, just add water.

Brands- Primal, Vital Essentials, Stella and Chewy’s, Nature's Logic

Key Features:
 Same formulas as the frozen raw but more convenient
 Great as a topper, daily meal, or a few times a week as a supplement
 Complete and balanced – different proteins available
 Many with fruits and veggies
 Same health benefits as frozen raw

 Great for pet owners transitioning into frozen raw
 No freezer space required, no thawing required
 Great travel alternative, 3 Steps: portion, add water, serve

Raw – Frozen: Raw frozen meat – different varieties may contain muscle meat, organ meat,
bone, fruits, and veggies. Some are complete while others require being supplemented with vitamins and minerals.

Brands- Primal, Nature’s Logic, Bravo, Stella and Chewy’s, Vital Essentials, Tucker’s

Key Features:
 Closest foods to nature itself
 Protein levels that mirror “prey model diets”, low in carbs, higher in moisture
 Available in a variety of single source proteins – to help support dogs with allergies or sensitivities
 Very palatable

 Nuggets and patties come in easy to serve portions while Chubs, as they are called, resemble a meat roll and must be cut to portion size for feeding.


Nearly all of our kibble manufacturers offer canned food formulations. These are made to the same healthy standards as thier kibble formulas.