Have you every walked into a pet store or logged into an online pet supply store and been overwhelmed at the selection? Perhaps you then had questions about what you needed or wanted to buy for your pet, only to find that the staff seemed to know very little about the products they're selling? Maybe you bought something, but in your gut you're just not as confident as you'd like to be about what you just bought. 

At we work hard to take the guesswork of of the pet supply buying experience for you. We carefully research every product we sell to make sure that the Dog Food, Dog Treats, Cat Food and Cat Treats as well as the other pet supplies like Dog Toys, Cat Toys, Nutritional Support, collars, leashes, dog beds, and other items, meet both ours and your high expectations for quality, nutritional value, biological appropriateness and functionality.   

In the pet supply industry, there are many companies promising to bring you the latest and greatest in pet care and pet supplies. Typically they either only specialize in one area of pet care or they offer a confusing array of every product under the sun.. At, we are a world of difference with a wealth of knowledge about caring for pets and we want to share that knowledge with you. We specialize in researching our products and speaking with the manufacturers we represent to know exactly what we are selling to you and your pet; from a full diet to treats and even toys. The heart of our company wants to make sure the heart of your pet is as healthy as possible.

16 years ago, our founder, Adam the Groomer, began a  mobile grooming service. Over time he started to notice that many of the animals he groomed were not in the best health. From bad teeth, to dry, lack luster,  brittle coats, and dandruff. Skin conditions, hair loss Even food sensitivities were a constant source of my clients' pets health concerns. He realized that even his own dogs were not at their very best, but he felt they could be. He began educating himself on pet nutrition and researching what is and isn't in the pet food brand that his grooming clients were feeding their pets. What he found was disturbed him. The actual foods that were allegedly designed to keep our pets healthy and vibrant were actually doing the opposite. Made with processed grains, fillers, and all sorts of artificial substitutes, and not whole food ingredients, it became painfully obvious that these foods were not what he wanted to feed his dogs and cats and he had to find better options. Through seminars and many conversations with vets and holistic practitioners, he learned what is and isn't good for dogs and cats.He became of the mindset that if he wouldn't put it in my body, why would he put it in his beloved pets' bodies? He needed to share my grooming clients about what he learned about nutrition and how important feeding a holistic, natural healthy diet it is for their pets, too.  Then he thought, why stop there? Why not share this knowledge with as many pet owners as possible?


"I also noticed that a good portion of my clients had animals with behavioral issues from simple training to exacerbated fears. I began developing relationships with my clients that allowed us to speak freely about the animal's environment and I realized there was also a calling for better trainers.  It just so happens my long time dear friend was a positive reinforcement trainer and we began consulting. I saw first hand how her work made mine easier, but far more than that, it made the dogs happier and more confident. And, the owners were pleased. I then thought, why not share this with others also?  Wiggle Waggle World was born."

It is our hope and our goal to help you to have a balanced, healthy, happy and long relationship with your pet by sharing our knowledge and resources with you, so that you can make the best, most informed decisions possible to insure your dogs and cats get the very best the market has to offer.  From the products we offer, to seminars, articles and webinars,  to training tips and self grooming how to's, we want to provide you the opportunity to get some of your most perplexing questions answered. Whether they are nutrition or behavior related. We are here to assist you and your pet on your journey together. And our ultimate goal is to help people have happier, healthier pets, one bite at a time.